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The Wines of Italy

With a wine history dating back more than 4,000 years, Italy is one of the most diverse winemaking countries in the world. The statistics are staggering: 4,000 years of winemaking history, 20 wine regions, 96 provinces, 1,000-plus grape varieties, 4,200 or more wine styles, and thousands of producers.   The geography and climate of Italy […]

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The Amalfi Coast

With a siren call that has lured travelers since ancient times, it’s no surprise that the Amalfi Coast tops the list of the most popular destinations in Italy. The 40-kilometer (25-mile) Amalfi Coast road weaves in and out of the rugged coastline, clinging to cliffs with sheer drops down to the sea to connect a […]

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Eating My Way Through Athens and Santorini

I love food, and I love trying new things. As a foodie, I’m open to trying almost anything. There’s so much more to Greek food than I expected. There’s nothing like eating fresh seafood while staring out at the Aegean Sea. When I plan a vacation, I typically plan around what I’m going to eat: […]

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In Search of the White Truffle

Truffles have been a source of exquisite joy for more than 2,000 years. For the novice or those familiar with their unique gastronomic splendor, the hunt for this extraordinary tuber, if successful, will be one of life’s great rewards. Selling for thousands of dollars a pound, white truffles are revered by chefs and foodies around […]

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Murano: The Island Full of Glass

A short vaporetto (water bus) ride away from Venice proper lies the grittier, industrial, bridge-linked islands that make up Murano, world-famous for its hand-blown glass. Murano became the glassmaking capital when the Venetian Republic, fearing fire and destruction of the city’s mostly wooden buildings, ordered glassmakers to move their foundries to Murano in 1291. Centuries […]

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The Rialto

The medieval Rialto market, which is more than 900 years old and is considered by many to be the best in the world, is located in the heart of the city, in the San Polo district near the Rialto Bridge at the narrowest point of the Grand Canal. No visit is complete without spending some […]

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The Magic of Venice

Venice is one of the most distinctive cities in the world with its picturesque canals, intimate side streets, and more than 400 bridges and 177 canals linking 118 islands together. In a city that was once a thriving Republic complete with an arsenal that could mass-produce galleys in an assembly-line process unique for its time, […]

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Big Island Honeymoon

During the early stages of wedding planning, I was given the responsibility of making honeymoon arrangements. To simplify the process and narrow down the choices, I set two goals: our destination must be reasonably affordable and unforgettably romantic. Hawaii’s Big Island was the obvious choice. The Big Island has an abundance of renowned attractions, from […]

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When in Rome…

Elizabeth Minchilli’s delightful, mouthwatering new book, Eating Rome, Living the Good Life in The Eternal City, is a wonderful gastronomic tour of Rome. Minchilli shows her passion for the city by weaving her personal stories of discovery – from what to eat; where to eat it; and where and how to buy it, order it […]