Golf in Tuscany

Golf in Tuscany

Le Pavoniere Golf and Country Club, Prato.

Golf is being played today in places where it was often considered an alien activity, but it is also growing in countries where it has had a relatively low profile. Happily, Italy falls into that category and Tuscany in particular.

Golf was first played in Tuscany more than 100 years ago, when it was introduced by the English, many of whom lived in the area.

This isn’t surprising because the Tuscan landscape, treasured by tourists and artists alike, lends itself spectacularly to golf courses. The region flows from mountains, hills and meadows, and works its way to the coast where its sandy dunes are reminiscent of the links in Scotland and Ireland. The climate is such that golf can be played year-round. As an added benefit, there’s a lot to do in the areas around the Tuscan courses for non-golfers too—wine tasting, museums, sightseeing, eating and shopping are available in many nearby small hilltop towns.

If you happen to be staying in Florence, the courses are all within an hour’s drive or so. If you want to stay in the countryside, you can choose from a variety of small hotels or pensiones.

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