In Search of the White Truffle


Truffles have been a source of exquisite joy for more than 2,000 years.
For the novice or those familiar with their unique gastronomic splendor, the hunt for this extraordinary tuber, if successful, will be one of life’s great rewards.

Selling for thousands of dollars a pound, white truffles are revered by chefs and foodies around the world. They can be found in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy near the towns of Alba and Asti, and in Umbria and Le Marche in Tuscany. Although it’s a lot easier to splurge and buy a white truffle or have some shaved over pasta in a restaurant, the art of truffle hunting or visiting truffle festivals can be fun, too.

Truffle hunting is serious business. Professional truffle hunters prefer to work alone before the sun rises, with their trusty dog. Where they choose to hunt is their well-kept secret, like a fisherman’s favorite fishing hole, so if you’re a tourist and want to go truffle hunting, it’s probably not going to be with a professional.

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