Roman Rooftops

roman rooftopsWhat better way to see the Eternal City than from a rooftop. Pull up a front row seat with a glass of prosecco, and enjoy Rome’s timeless cityscape from one of these spectacular viewing spaces.

0º-300º Cold and Grill Roof Garden
The same chef who leads the Michelin-starred All’Oro Restaurant oversees the smaller menu at this rooftop, consisting of food prepared with high quality raw ingredients cooked simply. Cocktails are made with fresh ingredients, and the views of Villa Medici, Spanish Steps and St. Peter’s are well worth a stop here.

Aroma Restaurant at Palazzo Manfredi
For a front-row seat to the iconic Colosseum, this restaurant cannot be missed. With food inspired by its stately neighbor, the chef serves up traditional cuisine prepared with an immense respect for ingredients. Feast on homemade pasta and six different types of homemade bread. For a more casual setting, the Lounge Bar opens onto the terrace, with inviting chaise lounges and cozy seating areas.

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