The Magic of Venice

magic of veniceVenice is one of the most distinctive cities in the world with its picturesque canals, intimate side streets, and more than 400 bridges and 177 canals linking 118 islands together. In a city that was once a thriving Republic complete with an arsenal that could mass-produce galleys in an assembly-line process unique for its time, today the city’s main industry is tourism. Don’t let the 22-million+ visitors intimidate you; there are plenty of ways to enjoy the city and feel as though you have it to yourself.

Come and stay a while! Just as Rome was not built in a day, Venice cannot be seen in a minute. Too many people choose not to give Venice the time it deserves and use it as a day trip from other destinations. The Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco are only a small portion of what makes Venice so special, thus time is needed for further exploration. Venice’s true beauty shines in the early mornings and the late evenings when the crowds of day-trippers retreat out of the city. Staying overnight for a couple of days allows one to take in the magic during those times.

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  • I was there in 2005 in Venice among other cities o in Europe and Venice was one of the best! It's people and everything about Venice I fell in love with so much that I didn't wanna come back!!

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