When in Rome…

eating rome book coverElizabeth Minchilli’s delightful, mouthwatering new book, Eating Rome, Living the Good Life in The Eternal City, is a wonderful gastronomic tour of Rome. Minchilli shows her passion for the city by weaving her personal stories of discovery – from what to eat; where to eat it; and where and how to buy it, order it and cook it. Each chapter ends with her favorite recipes.

When Minchilli was 12 and living in St. Louis, her family moved to Rome. Initially a traumatic cultural shock, it soon became a lifelong love affair with all things Italian. How to best eat your way through the city? If you’re a tourist, here are some guidelines:

Very few Italians eat breakfast. It’s a nonevent, unlike lunch or dinner. They drink coffee, all kinds, and they eat cookies (biscotti) and pastries with it.

Produce Shopping
Don’t touch the fruit or vegetables. The vendor will, and they will put everything in your basket or bag. Also, don’t bargain. It’s just not done when food shopping. Vendors will help you with recipes if you ask and you can watch them prep vegetables, too.

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